11 June 16:00 - 17:30THINGS

THINGS eBazaar™ - Smart Factory

Event Partner: Automation Region

THINGS invented the eBazaar™ online event to help their "corporate-ready" startup members reach relevant customers, partners, investors, analysts and media globally. For the established companies the THINGS eBazaar™ provides a great way to continue their efforts to find new solutions to problems with relevant and "corporate-ready" smaller companies, while actively taking responsibility for helping fantastic smaller companies - the children of our industries - develop and prosper. 

"The speed in which THINGS adapted its model to the virtual setting of eBazaar was fantastic - even before we entered lockdown, the virtual ‘arena’ and modus-operandi had been set - which made it a seamless transition and a great opportunity to have an overview of the innovative start-ups. Quite symbolic of your operations to be at the forefront of this change!”
Takuya Gamboni, Manager Strategic Initiatives, IHI Europe Ltd.

Smart Factory refers to manufacturing where standardized processes and connected resources gives access to real time data for rapid analysis driving faster and better business decisions. Smart Factories is a key enabler for the  digital transformation thus important to address major challenges in areas like sustainability, safety and security. 

An eBazaar™ has up to six selected THINGS members presenting their company and offerings to typically 50-80  relevant established companies. Each presentation is 15 minutes including Q&A so an eBazaar™ session is around 1,5 very well spent hours.

Presenting companies:
Providing industrial AI - at scale
MTEK Industry - Manufacturing made simple
Imagimob - We help companies develop intelligent products
Ekkono - Machine learning for IoT
analytics - Data insight simplified

The eBazaar™ is free for anyone to attend but we will always give priority to members of THINGS Enterprise Circle. We might charge a no-show fee of 600 SEK to attendees who sign up but don’t attend without notice. 

Please contact Magnus Melander, or +46 70 230 72 51 for questions, feedback or proposals.

Note: The eBazaar™ will be conducted in English and will be recorded. THINGS reserves the right to use the recording for promotional purposes i.e. uploading to our YouTube channel. Zoom records only persons speaking during the event. As a participant, please write your first name so we can identify your attendance and please feel free to switch off your camera.



Niclas Krantz
Head of Sales at MTEK

Martin Rugfelt
CEO & Founder at Sentian

Melissa Jenkins
Chief Strategy Officer at Ekkono Solutions

Rajet Krishnan
CTO at Viking Analytics

Åke Wernelind
Business Development Manager at Imagimob

We will use a digital tool called Zoom. A link will be provided to you. Zoom is free and requires no downloading. Though we advise downloading their desktop app for better user experience. 


THINGS is the industry-focused Deep tech and innovation hub in Sweden, located on the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) campus. Our vision is to transform innovation in small companies into large scale value creation through collaboration with corporates. Our current focus areas are Internet of Things, Automation/Robotics, Machine Learning/AI, Mobility and Energy. We are housed within a 2,000m2 co-working space for startups, connected to an extended community of close corporate partners, including some of the most successful and innovative export companies in Sweden. For more information please visit


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